My 5 Must Have Travel Items on Amazon

I love traveling, I try to  travel as often as possible. At one point, I was traveling at least once a month.  However, as fun as traveling is packing and being away from home and without  all your stuff is not always the best experience. Now of course I use headphones, travel pillow and prep my iPhone with cool podcasts and movies  for my flight. But, I also have other travel items that I cannot live without and I thought I would share. I have been using these items s for awhile now  and they have made my traveling experience much easier. I use the exact items I have linked. Everything is  from amazon and available for free shipping with prime.

1.Travel Backpack

Seriously, I mean this, I cannot travel anywhere without a backpack and I am super picky because I also like to use my backpack as carry-on or additional carry-on.There are a few key details that are must haves for me when buying a travel backpack. This one I got from Amazon has everything I wanted and more. For example, I must have 2 main compartments so I have a spot for my laptop and clothes and snacks. I bring one extra outfit in my backpack if I am checking a bag. I do this just in case my luggage gets lost. I had a bad experience  before and this travel hack saved me. I also prefer a backpack that is  water resistant, has a water bottle holder, and mini front pocket just to name a few key features. Even thought I love fashion I prefer function over fashion  when it comes to my travel backpack. Backpacks are awesome because they count as a personal item and you can also use it as “purse”. What is even more awesome is you can take it to the beach and it  doubles as a pillow. Seriously guys, this backpack is amazing  and comes in multiple colors. The price is amazing too.I don’t know how I ever traveled without it.Before purchasing this I was using my Jansport backpack from college lol. Keep in my I graduated college in 2010.



2. Wallet Phone Case

I originally ordered this case for my cruise to the Bahamas. I like to have my cruise card easily accessible to get on and off the boat and for any on board charges I might accrue. This little case was amazing. The slot isn’t super thick but you can fit about 3 cards and a few bills. This was perfect for what I needed it for, and I still use the case daily. I love the added bonus of the removable strap.



3. Shacke Pak

So my cousin introduce me to these stylish packing cubes. I seriously love them I use them for every trip.I use the smallest one for my makeup and the larger ones for my clothes. I like to separate my swimwear, casual wear, and evening attire.

4. Portable Charger

I have used so many portable charges and most of them have been awful.  However, this is the king of all portable charges. It shows how much  charge is left, has 3 USB ports, charges quickly , and last for about 4-6 days on one charge. I love it and seriously take it everywhere. In fact it charges my phone so quickly I use to charge my phone most of the time.

5. Travel Mirror

So you might be confused as to why I bring a travel mirror. There are a couple reasons.  Hotel rooms do not always have a  mirror besides the one in the bathroom which makes it hard for multiple people to get ready at the same time. Additionally, hotels do not always have the best lighting and this solves both of those problems..

6.Reusable Travel Bottle Set

I like to use these because it makes it easier to bring my favorite shower, and skincare items. Buying travel size is great but most products I love do not offer travel size. This is a way to cut down on  buying travel size items and you also don’t have to fit your full size products in your luggage. You can fill thiese with your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and skincare products.


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