25k Dining Experience

I am always driving around and finding restaurants to try out. I think something about being spontaneous and not knowing what you are going to find is pretty cool. I have found a lot of my favorite restaurants with this method. Sometimes it can be tricky though, I have driven around for  about an hour before. I found this gem driving around  Scottsdale and  as soon I spotted it I turned around and walked right in.  I was so unprepared for the dining experience  I walked in a tank top and shorts. I supposed I was a little underdressed but, whatever.


Bourbon and Bones

Atmosphere and Décor: Bourbon and Bones looks exactly how you would expect a steakhouse to look. Clean, dark interior, and large furniture bulky leather  furniture. It is the perfect vibe for this type of restaurant. Additionally, there is a private room for special events such as birthdays.

Value: I will admit that Bourbon and Bones is a little more expensive than most of the restaurants that I go to. However,  the value for what you get is  worth it. If you are on a budget I do not recommend unless you go for a special occasion.  Bourbon and Bones did not skimp at all on portion sizes.  I got way more food than I thought I would.

Service: Perfect, gave great recommendations and timing  was perfect.

Quality of Food: Simply amazing, everything I ordered exceeded my expectations.  Even though there was some sticker shock all items were priced well.  The portion sizes were perfect.

Happy Hour: The happy hour is limited to the bar only. Happy hour  is Monday – Friday from 4-6. The full menu is not available at the bar until 5pm.

Menu Variety: So many amazing menu items it is so hard to choose. I was so happy to see that there was great seafood options as well. There is a wonderful selection of appetizers and sides too. Some of my favorite sides include the truffle mashed potatoes and lobster mac and cheese.

Recommendations: Be prepared to be there for awhile especially if you order an appetizer. Greatness takes time. If you are on a budget look at the pricing beforehand so you are not surprised. However, I would still go anyway because everything I had was more than amazing. Make sure you add a trio  of sauces to your steak dish. Another pro tip for an additional charge you can add shrimp to any steak. Take a look at the summer menu. There is a special for $49 which includes dessert.

Unique Experiences:  The private dining room is perfect to create your own unique experience.

25k Dining Experience:  I had to take a triple take when I  saw this dining experience on the menu. I guess the cool part is that a limo ride is involved, a rare bottle of  vintage Cristal, and a donation to benefit UMOM.

Bourbon and Bones features over 300 different bourbons, whiskey, and scotches, they are also know for their 90 day aged steak. The menu also features a raw bar.

Scottsdale has a very competitive restaurant industry so I look forward to seeing the future of Bourbon and Bones. Actually, Arizona has a competitive restaurant industry there are a lot of unique dinning experiences. I highly recommend this experience because the quality , value, and experience is amazing.







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