Canal Club at The Scott Resort

 The Canal Club


Went to brunch with a friend of mine @nubianglamrock on Instagram. She had never been and wanted to try out the Cuban inspired restaurant.  Being the foodie that I am I could not pass it up. Brunch is seriously my jam and if I am free I will never turn down brunch.

Before my experience with  The Canal Club, I had never been to a Cuban restaurant. So, I was definitely excited to try it out. You should know that The Canal Club is not a free standing restaurant it is located inside  The Scott Resort. So, if you do decide to go you will not find it from the street.  Now, lets get to the review. As always, I will review the same categories. Please remember to hashtag #hopehabits if you post a photo from your visit.

Atmosphere and Décor:  I loved everything about Décor and Atmosphere. It wasn’t exactly Havana. But I could definitely appreciate the attention to detail. The booths, the chairs, the wallpaper all amazing.  The bright pink Canal Club sign was also an unique touch. There are so many grammable spots in this restaurant. You are gonna want to come in your favorite outfit and make sure your camera is charged.

Value:  For Scottsdale the food was moderately priced. The serving sizes are about average as well. I consider the breakfast menu to be affordable. However, the dinner menu is a little more expensive.

Service: The service honesty could of been better. My friend asked for a drink that was not on the menu and they  made exactly what she asked for but not without some unnecessary hassle.  However, the restaurant was pretty dead during the entire visit and the timing of the waiter was pretty awful. The customer service was not great, but it honestly could have been worse. The server could have come a few more times to check on the table. Also, she  never asked if we were ready for the bill. We had to ask for the bill and that process was rather annoying. It took  about 10 minutes or so  for us to finally get the bill and she never  came back to pick up the check. Who I believe  to be the manager came and picked up the check after seeing my debit card on the table.  The waitress  didn’t realize the check had been taken care of until about 10 min after we settled the bill.  She had even walked passed us several times without saying a thing. I forget to mention the water did not ask me my drink order. I did arrive after my friend. However, the waiter was at the table when I arrived. She never asked me and I ended up with just water thanks to the busser.

Happy Hour: Actually, I am unsure if there is a happy hour. I went for breakfast, and was not informed of any specials. After looking at the menu online it is unclear if there is any happy hour or specials.

Quality of Food: The quality of food is fine. However, the taste flavor was less  than desirable according to my friend. She had the Caribbean Benedict and substituted the smoked ham for grilled salmon. That could have been the issue with the dish. Sometimes substitutions can cause  confusion and not pair well with the original flavor.

Menu Variety: I don’t know much about Cuban dining, so I am not sure if anything is missing that is considered important to Cuban standards. However, there are a few items that can be modified vegan or vegetarian and that is important. Also , the cocktail list is decent.

Recommendations: I would not go out of my way to try The Canal Club. Nothing was super stellar. I have no reason to ever go back unless it is to try  the dinner menu. If I were staying at The Scott I would eat at the Canal Club at least once, but only because it is easy access. With so many better options for food in Scottsdale, this place does not make the cut. However, if you just want a good photo opportunity  it would be worth the trip.

What I ate: I had the potato hash and the almond butter toast. Really hard to make bad toast and hash. I had no complaints with my food. The hash was really good.





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