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You have probably seen the Facebook ads and wondered if this site was legit or if the quality is good.  I did too you see cute clothes at affordable price and don’t want to waste  your money and time.I have ordered from  several online Asian retailers before and I have almost always had issues with sizing and delivery taking weeks and even months. So far  my experience with this retailer  has been amazing. Everything has been true to size and I have received my clothing items in 8 days or less with standard free shipping.  I did place a big ordered once and received two different packages a couple days a part. So warning they might split your order. You can always expedite shipping if you do not want to wait for standard shipping times. I would give the quality 7/10.  The pieces  definitely could have better quality but for the price and unique style placing an order is worth it.. I am 5’10 and always order a size large and I have never had a issue with something being too small. I definitely recommend taking the plunge and ordering with Shein.


The top slide are items I own and the bottom slide are items on my wish list.

Tips: Read the sizing guideline, know your body type, read the reviews when available.

Example, I am tall  so  I always read sleeve length when ordering long sleeve shirts and also dress length if I am ordering a dress above the knee.  The measurements of every clothing item     are  available so read it and order accordingly.

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