Ocean Poke Co.

Anyone else think that poke can be kind be addicting. Once I start it is hard to stop. I just keep going back  and end up in a poke coma. Sometimes, I can have 3-5 poke bowls in a week.  I love poke bowls because it is way more affordable and customizable than  getting sushi rolls. . If you are new to the poke world it is basically a sushi bowl. Think Chipotle style but with sushi options.

This past weekend I was finally able to try a “new to me” poke place. I had passed by it before going to another poke place that I hated. I always said” if I was in the area again I would try it out”. I have to say this place is very unique it is not exactly like your typical poke restaurant and that is what I love about it. I love restaurants that can accommodate picky eaters and dietary restrictions.

Anyway, lets get to the review. If you are new to my blog I always review all restaurants with the same 5 categories to be fair.

Atmosphere and Décor : 3/5 Ocean poke is clean and organized however, there is not a lot of uniqueness to theme of the restaurant. They could have played more with color and art. I give it a 3 because there a tons of poke restaurants in this area and some people really look forward to the esthetic for grammable photos. To me that is part of what keeps people coming back. The vibe of a restaurant is almost as important as the food. However, even though Ocean Poke lacked in this area it far exceeded my expectations in other areas.

Value : 5/5 The price of all the menu items I found to be comparable other poke restaurants. All bowls including the signature bowls start at $10. I love the option of an extra scoop of protein for only $2. Menu item’s such as avocado and mango relish are up charge of $1 but that is too be expected.

Service: 5/5 service is great. When I was there the general manager happened to be working and he was very helpful in the ordering process. You could tell he was proud to work and manage the place.

Quality of food:  5/5 I have had many poke bowls in Vegas and LA and various restaurants in Arizona and this place is the BEST. The fish is super fresh, unique topping’s, and there is even chicken and acai bowls available. Seriously what is not to love.

Happy hour/ Specials: 5/5 As far as I know there is no traditional happy hour. There is a stamp card and loyalty program. I would ask for specific details about it from them though. I do not want to give wrong information and programs can change all the time.

Menu Variety: 5/5 All the basic poke menu items along with some non-traditional items. I was surprised to see quinoa as a base and chicken as a protein.  I do like that these options are available because there is an option for everyone. Even tofu for vegans/vegetarians and it’s smoked tofu with A LOT of flavor.  I almost forgot there is cilantro lime rice too!


Don’ts: Don’t miss out, this place is awesome.

Do’s: Try everything the menu is incredible.

What I had: Custom bowl and   I was honestly surprised how amazing everything was. My only complaint is that I live about 30 min way. I know real tears over here.  The struggle of  finding good  dining in the west valley is hard.I was just there Sunday ( it’s Tuesday) and I am already planning to go back again this weekend. Honestly, the only reason why I have not gone back yet is because it is a little far from me. I guess you can say I am addicted. I really hope they open more locations!

If you do make the trip because of me please  share that you heard about them from Hope’s Habits!

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