Same Dress Styled Multiple Ways

Sometimes the struggle is real when is comes to having extra money for  wants instead of needs.  Sometimes the struggle is so real you barely have the money for the things you need. That  might mean not  being able to buy new pieces for your  fall or winter wardrobe.  Especially in states  like Arizona, Nevada , California, Florida  buying a full winter wardrobe can be a money pit because you don’t get to wear  heavy winter clothes sweaters and layers  for very long. This is why being an Arizona girl myself I love transitional clothing pieces.  Below I have a few styled examples of how to wear the same dress year round.  Unless, you live in Alaska. I can’t handle that type of cold. I can only help you dress for  mild winter , seriously. My solution would be to move if you live anywhere that snows jk.  I do not understand any type of cold lower than 35 degrees personally. No amount of gloves,  jackets, and scarfs would want me to move anywhere with snow. Anyway, I hope you get some ideas of how to shop your own closet as the temperature  finally starts to drop in places like Arizona. You might not have to rush out during the holiday season to buy new clothes because you may actually have everything already in your closet. If you are looking for a reason to shop like I am you can still save some money by supplementing pieces  instead of feeling like you need everything.





























The images in the slider are direct links to similar products so you can mix and match and style your own outfits.  This transitional styling method works for any item of clothing it is all about the layers and wearing what is comfortable for you.

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