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Atmosphere and Décor : 4/5 There is not doubt the Taco Chelo is totally ‘grammable. I love the unique space and theme. However, there is way more outdoor seating and not enough indoor space.

Value : 5/5  Very affordable . I think for what you get the price is worth it.

Service: 5/5 service is great.  The employees are helpful  and they gave me new suggestions of what to try since I was not a fan of the  veggie or fish taco.

Quality of food:  3/5 So quality is good  but the taste was not. Fresh ingredients however, the flavors were not satisfying to me.

Happy hour/ Specials: 5/5  I would definitely return for the happy hour. Select cocktails are only $5 and draft beers are $2 off.

Menu Variety: 5/5  The  menu is inclusive offering vegetarian and gluten free options. Additionally there is good selection of food on the menu at an affordable price.

Recommendations: Do not try the fish and veggie tacos. They were not good.  I tried them twice. The first week  Taco Chelo opened and then again this past weekend. I don’t eat dairy, beef, chicken or pork. So the menu is very limiting for someone with my similar diet. When you go  tag #hopeshabits and let me know  if enjoyed the food.

Don’ts:  Don’t be biased.

Do’s:  Try everything that you can.

What I had: Fish taco and veggie taco sans dairy.

Honestly I probably will not be back. Only because the menu offerings for my diet are simply not good. However, I support local , the story and people behind Taco Chelo. If the service and people are good I will always recommend  to try out  a restaurant  at least once. Maybe there is something on the menu that you will love. I do know they are open late. Which is great for the late night munchies downtown.

When you make the trip make sure you tell them #hopeshabits sent you.

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